Keynote World Tourism Forum: ” Talent management in a disruptive era”

This years’ Talent Boost was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the leading platform for thought leaders and stakeholders that come together  and outline next steps for building a sustainable travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Since 2012 Quantonomics founder Lars B. Sonderegger works together with the WTFL CEO Martin Barth to help the industry. At this year’s talent boost Lars Sonderegger held a talk regarding the topic of talent management in a fast changing world.

After his talk Aradhana Khowala (Managing Partner, Bridge.Over Group) held an also inspiring talk: “Talent: the achilles heel for Brazil’s tourism growth”. The WTFL truly is the place for travel, tourism and the hospitality industry.


Lars Sonderegger