Would you trust science or beliefs?

When asking a doctor for advice do you care for his beliefs or for evidence based science?

In medical science the shift from beliefs to scientific evidence has been forced by the scientific community. Principles have been established to make sure, that there is evidence that makes a certain procedure plausible to succeed. Success has become repeatable.

Scientific principles of management

On the contrary management today is still dominated by doctrines, personal experiences and to sometimes even beliefs that ground in assumptions that contradict scientific evidence. This is a great opportunity for those seeking to change their “business operating system” to a scientific basis and therefore making it more efficient and easier to steer. But what is the subject of management?

Management is the process or art of getting work done through others and is therefore primarily “social architecture”. Theories and processes need to be consistent with human biology, especially neuro- and behavioral science.

When do you make the switch?

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April 11, 2017
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April 17, 2017

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