Innovation is much more about mindset, than anything else

When traditional economists talk about #innovation it often sounds as if it was a technical issue. This in the sense that it can be planned or commanded. But innovation is not some cogwheel in a machine, it is about people with a certain mindset. It can be developed out of a sound and scientifically based people #strategy.

As the brain has enormous plasticity a mindset can change and develop in a certain direction. But as the brain is a selforganized organ it can not be pressured into being compliant and changed, but it is rather an invitation to change that, if accepted, leads to a different #mindset. This neurobiological viewpoint of change is fundamentally different that what has been applied in recent years. The underlying assumptions in people strategy are fairly complex to apprehend, but if utilized correctly their positive effect is astonishing.

Do you want to be more innovative with your team or company? Our recommendation is to start with a dialogue with experts in this field and by that you are starting the change of mindsets already. If we can assist you in this please contact us.

Lars Sonderegger