Don’t let the bozos grind you down. Ideas?

If we had believed those that said that “we can’t” and “it’s never gonna work” we would have never started.

Today’s science of management sells itself as the truth form of on how businesses have to operate – what also could be called the “business operating system”. Do you see a solution on how business operations could be updated? Maybe an idea no one has seen before you? Sometimes you need someone to reflect – we know it because we have been there.

I am not sure…

When you just know that you are right – but you are insecure – then that’s a good sign. Just not too much of it – if you want our experience, share with us your passion and your idea. We share with you our insights and network. We and our friends might be the help you need to “kick it off”.

Get rid of energy vampires!

Sometimes it is just good to spend time with people that see options, opportunities – and solutions. Don’t give up. We help others because we strongly believe in “paying it forward” – and its fun to contribute and make meaning!

Would you trust science or beliefs?
April 17, 2017
Do you have what it takes to make meaning? Your passion is to make others better?
April 17, 2017

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