Whom we work with

Oftentimes we are contacted by teamleaders that realize that performance goes up when culture goes up! They are inspired by books and now want to go into action. That where we come in.

While growing from a small to a midsize corporation what changes is often company culture – and mostly in the wrong direction. Purpose tends to move out of the focus and work becomes more transactional.

We help the leadership team change that towards empowerment and high engagement. Innovation and drive are the results!

Yes, we do work with global players to. We mostly inspire them to move into a certain direction or design ideas they can roll out themselves. Due to the size the leverage of our interventions is enormous!

We work with owners and toplevel management to evaluate the culture and then help shape it towards engagement and empowerment. Our work is always unique for every company because it needs to fit the current state – and no company is the same.

Our work is high impact but low investment, since our interventions are taught and then lived by the people working in the company.

Private equity that want to grow their investments contact us for the design and implementation of people strategy. They have understood that when people are engaged and enthusiastic profits soar!

Startups have energy and are driven by purpose. Not always do they realize that with the right tools their work could be much more focused and successful. People factors are key to bringing the idea out and growing at a dynamic pace!